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Ambassador Sherry Self is a License & Ordain Evangelist, she has earned many awards for her outstanding speaking capacity. She has earned a BA in Christian Counseling from International College of Ministry Seminary, a Powerful Purpose Coach that support women in ministry to gain more clarity with their God given purpose through her workshops and 1:1 Coaching Programs. As the Host and Executive Director of her Telecast Ministry, Live on Purpose with Sherry Self. She has earned the reputation of being extraordinary. Sherry Self’s knowledge, expertise and heart are clear as she inspires her weekly viewers to Live on Purpose. In 2004, Sherry answered the call of God to preach the gospel. As this Licensed & Anointed evangelist preaches, she captivates her audience by her fiery zeal & sense of humor. Sherry has a passion to help others seek out their God-given purpose through her workshops and empowerment sessions. And when Sherry prays, she doesn't use empty words. She prays with power and believes God for the answers.
As Co-Author of Tying the knot between Ministry and the Marketplace. She help readers to realize that, this is not a book about ministry only, and it’s not a book about the marketplace only. But, it's a book about the Ministry and the Marketplace, they go together like hand and glove. Sherry Self believes with everything in her that God has given everyone a Purpose, to serve in their specific industry through their God-given ministry. We are One Body with many members and every member is valuable to the Kingdom of God
When You know who you are, then You know what to do!!!!🏃🏾♀️

I struggle for many many years in my ministry and business because I thought doing what others wanted me to do "people pleaser" was the way to success. And I failed many many times over again🙃.

About 5 years ago, Harry Self & I started #SherrySelfMinistries, and was told that it wasn't time to focus on my own 🤦🏽♀️BUT.....I heard God say, if you submit to me, "You will help masses of women". 😜 So Now, I'm striving to reach those masses, who are struggling to find her way to please💥 Abba, Our Father.

I support women in ministry and/or business to wake up her sleeping purpose and authenticity by showing her how to work from her strength base.

My 6weeks Program is structure with prophetic methods that will have you gaining more clarity in your quest to Live on Purpose.

Inbox me to discuss how to join others that's on the road to owning her